Kuwait Civil Id Status Check Online 2023- Civil Status Check

Kuwait Civil Id Status Check Online. A civil Id Card is very important for Kuwait residents.  You can’t use any kind of Service in Kuwait without this id card. For All Services in Kuwait Like For Opening Bank Account, you must have a Valid Civil id Card, So must Check Your Civil id Validity Status. Without a Valid Civil id card you can,t use any services.

Civil id is also known as PACI civil id or Bitaqa. PACI Civil id is a very necessary and important card for foreigners. Because foreigners can get many good facilities If they have Bitaqa. You can,t get any Job with this card. Without this card Banking Services and All Government Services are not available for foreigners.

Kuwait Residency Visa holders are eligible for a civil id card. So Residency Visa holders in Kuwait can apply for a civil id card. All Foreigners can apply for this card after a few days’ arrival in Kuwait. They can apply for registration of civil id within 30 days when they arrive in Kuwait. Parents of newborns can apply for registration of their child within 60 days of arrival.


PACI Kuwait (Ministry of Interior of Kuwait) manages all processes of Civil Id Like Registration, Renewal, and Much More. PACI Kuwait has launched a new online portal where all people can check their Civil id Status online.

Kuwait Civil Id Status Check Online

Kuwait Civil id Status Check online. For Civil id Status Online checking you need one device from these Like Mobile, Laptop & Computer. 

  1. Civil Id Status Through PACI Kuwait
  2. Via Voice Call
  3. Through Civil Mobile ID App

Civil Id Status Through PACI Kuwait (Kuwait Portal)

Step#1: Visit PACI Kuwait Portal on android or Laptop.

Step#2: Enter Your Civil id Number in the search box and click on the “Query” Button. Follow the below picture to understand step 2.


Kuwait Civil Id Status Check Online 2023


Step#3: The Civil Status will show after clicking on the Query Option. The Civil id has Two types of status. Let’s discuss the details of these statuses.


Result#1: If your Civil id is valid Means Legal Then this Type of Message is shown on the Screen “According to our records you are holding a valid Civil id card and there is no outstanding renewal request”. This type of message means your card is valid. You don,t need a Civil id card renewal. You can see this in the below image.





Result#2: If your Civil id card Expired then this type of result shows after clicking on the Query button ” Our Records show that either. You have not renewed your id card, and the card is considered canceled”





This Type of Result comes Due To these Reasons.

  1. One thing is that your civil id has expired and you have not renewed this.
  2. 2nd reason may be your Card has been canceled
  3. Or your renewal id card procedure is not yet complete

Note: If you have already applied for renewal then try again in 10 days.



PACI Kuwait method is easy to check the civil status of Your id card.

Kuwait Civil id Inquiry On voice Call

Check Kuwait civil id status on mobile through a voice call facility. This system is also handled and managed by PACI, First of all, you need to enter this “1889988” on your mobile. Now Follow the Below Steps to check Kuwait civil id inquiry through Voice call.


  1. First of all dial 1889988 on your mobile
  2. Then you can choose the language it depends on you which language you want to choose
  3. Then follow all procedures to check the civil status through voice call

Civil Status Check On Mobile Through App

Check your Civil Id status on Mobile Through Civil Id App. Civil ID App Also Provide Services for Kuwait people to check the Validity Status of their Civil Id.

Civil Status Check Steps

Step 1: Install the Civil ID App From Play Store or APK Version

Step 2: Open Mobile App and Select Any Language.

  1.  English
  2. Arbi
  3. Urdu
  4. Hindi

Step 3: Click On the Civil ID Status Option From these 4 Options.


  1.  E-Visa Status
  2. Apply for New Visa
  3. Visa Application Status
  4. Civil id Status


Step 4: Enter Your Civil ID Number in New Page Search Box.

Step 5: Click On the Query button

Now see the Result of your Civil ID Validity.


First-time registration for Civil Id

First Time Registration For Civil id in Kuwait is a big issue for new Foreigners. Here We Make it very easy for you. Follow these steps for first-time civil id registration.

Step 1: First of all visit headquarters at Zahara

Step 2: Then go to the First Floor

Step 3:  And here you can collect all information and by following these steps they will tell you, you can get registration

Require Data For First-Time Applicants For Civil Id Registration

And now come and see what documents are required to get registration in civil id.

  1.  First of all, need a Passport to get a Registration
  2. And also needs a Photocopy of passport pages showing personal details and residence stamp clearly. This is compulsory to submit complete detail.
  3. Need Security clearance or fingerprinting for those who are over 16 years
  4. Original birth certificate this is for the citizen of Kuwait
  5. What is your Blood group provide a blood group certificate and this will be mentioned in your civil id.
  6. Give complete detail about your address where you are living like rent agreement or receipts
  7. Declaration signed by sponsors

People’s Questions and Their Answers

And after this come and discuss Questions of people about civil id Status. Here we will try to discuss all Questions and answers which people searched for. Let’s see People Questions and then give the answers to these questions.

What is Civil ID?

The civil id is an identity card which is issued by the government of Kuwait. Civil id is also known as PACI civil id or Bitaqa. You can get all Government Facilities by using a Civil id.

How many Ways To Check Civil Id Status?

There are Three Common ways to check civil id status

  • Civil id status through PACI Kuwait
  • Through Voice Call
  • Through the Mobile id app


How can I check my civil ID status in Kuwait?

You can Check Your Civil id status by visiting the PACI Kuwait Website.

  • Visit PACI Kuwait Portal
  • Enter Civil Id Number
  • Click on Query Button

How can I renew my civil ID online in Kuwait?

You can renew your civil id status easily. And you can do this job online. And for this purpose, you need a previous civil id number. And if you want to renew your civil id then follow these all instructions.

  1. First of all visit Civil Id renewal
  2.  A new page will be open to read all instructions
  3.  And follow all steps carefully then you can renew your civil id

How to check to Expire date of the civil Id?

  1. First of all, visit Click here To check to expire date of the civil id
  2. When you will click on that a new page will be open
  3.  And read that article carefully and then follow all instructions. Then you can check all expiration dates of your civil id card.

PACI Appointment for Civil ID Kuwait?

PACI Appointment for Civil ID Kuwait. For this first of all see the timing for the Appointment. The timing for an Appointment for civil id is about 09:00 am to 01:00 pm. The benefit of an Appointment is that before going to the Head office give your number and we can say that you can select your own schedule and then visit a branch or head office. And through appointment, you can get a schedule before going to the head office of PACI. Here we will tell you how you can get the date and time before going to the Head Office. How you can get an appointment let’s Follow these steps

  1. For an appointment, visit click here for an Appointment.
  2. A new page will open go to the left side of this page and click on the appointment booking option.
  3. Then if you want to change language click on the above of the page’s left side and change language it depends on your choice
  4.           After this go below and click on start services
  5.      Then a new page will open and you need to click on the new appointment
  6.      After this, a new form will open you need to fill the form and select branch and office, and also select the date and time
  7.      Then click on the next option that is given below.
  8.      Then a new page will open review here all information and then click on the Save button.
  9.      And then this will generate a barcode click and show the will required to go to the PACI building.

Through this method, you can get an appointment for a civil id. By following these steps you can save time and money. And also on the appointment date, you can easily be done your job.