Check Moi Traffic Violation Qatar Fine, List & System 2020

Moi Traffic Violation Qatar complete details will be discussed here. I will tell you everything about the traffic violation occur in Qatar. I completely guide you about the moi traffic violation fine, dispute, Rules, System and much more in this article.


If you want to learn and Check everything about the traffic violation then read our today article carefully. I hope you will understand each and everything about the moi traffic violation living in Qatar or Saudi Arabia for work and other things. Check info about moi kuwait also here

MOI Traffic Violation Qatar

Moi Traffic Violation Qatar

State of Qatar the Department of Minister Interior Basically Handle the Whole Issues about it. And it’s a Main Department who Make the Rules also. MOI Traffic Violation in Qatar State is Common Because Here the Hug Amount of the People are Expats. Who Comes to form another Country and Live Here for Income Purpose.

And it’s a Main Effect that if anyone Come form other Country and Live here. He or She Does not have any information about these Rules. Because Each country has the Own Rules about it.

So let’s Start the MOI Traffic Violation Qatar. MOI  Traffic Violation System is Always Connected with the Main Servers which are 24 Hours Working Online. And it’s the Main Fact which Makes this MOI Traffic Violation System Best. You Have to just Click on the button and Get the Right Result About You are MOI Traffic Violation list and Quarry.


Click to This Button you Will Direct Transferred to Main Site Where You have to write or Provide Some Details About the Site Requirments. An Image Guide Lines Attached with This You can See For Mor Deeply understanding This Step.

How To Check Moi Qatar Traffic Violation?

Check Moi Qatar Traffic Violation From the Original Portal Of Qatar Government. Follow these steps to check Moi Qatar Traffic Violation.


Step#1: Visit Qatar Government Official portal. When the Homepage of Qatar Portal Open then Go To the Traffic Violation Option. You can Go to this page by Clicking here

Step#2: When you Visit this Page Many option Available. Click on the “Traffic Inquires Option”. You will see the many Option. Click On First “Plate Number Option”. Now Three Box Show You “Plate Number Box”, “Type of Vehicle” AND Captcha box.


MOI Traffic Violation


Step#4: Enter Your Vehicle plate Number in the Plate Number Box.

Step#5: “Select Your Vehicle Type” Like Texi, Personal means Private or Government

Step#6: After Selecting Vehicle Type “Fill Captcha” For further process.

Step7: Now Click On “Submit Option” To Check inquiry about your vehicle Like your vehicle is in any traffic violation or not. See the Image where I Done all process for your understanding. This picture clear show you all these things all mention above.


Traffic Violations inquiry


Step#8: When you Press the Submit Option. Then this take few second and process your request. After few seconds the new page open in your device home Screen. In this page the details about your violation Available. If there are no violation then this type of page open in your device.



In this Way You can easily Check Moi Traffic violation Or Fine in Qatar. I have done this process because for your understanding.

Video Guide For You To How To Check Moi Traffic Violation.



The Process I mention in this article available in the Video form. I hope you will understand it very will.


How To check Moi Traffic Violation With ID Number?

moi traffic violation Qatar Process you Can Also Check With the ID Number. In other words, Means You can Also check MOI Traffic Violation Qatar by Iqama Number. Iqama is you are That Number of Document which shows you are Appearance in Qatar. Means its a Type of Living Permit. Without this document, you can not buy or rent any House.



But it’s my Our Topic main point. Our main Point is moi traffic violation Qatar Process. So, let’s Start the Discussion which is about How to Do it Fast and with Simple And Easily Steps.

First Go to this Site which Provides You the Details about you are MOI Traffic violation in Qatar.

Go to the Click Here Option. When you click this button you will Directly online with the Main Site of MOI Traffic Violation system.


Here you have to select the 2nd Tab which is about to ID number. Remember ID Number Means the Iqama Number Which is you are the Main Number in Qatar. Its the Number which Used for You are All Activities in Qatar.

Now you can easily read out the Image Headings and Steps. Which is Mention 1 to 3 Means Firstly You have to Select the 2nd Tab which is About to ID number. Then Secondly You have to write the ID number or Iqama Number and Third put the Image code into Box. You can also Receive this code into Voice. But we Suggest the Image code is Best Way. And in the last Click to Submit and Get the Results.


What the Different Between First Selection way and 2nd Selection Way. Little bit Different Here in First Selection means Search Violation by Car Number and 2nd selection with ID Card number.

In First Selection You have to Also Select the Type but in 2nd Selection, You have to Just Write the ID Number. Both Are Valuable and Great way to Check MOI Traffic Violation.

How to Check moi traffic violation With Company ID

If you are Driving any company car and you have any Car Which not belongs to you. Means to Say any Car which is Belongs to Any other Company then you can also Check The MOI Traffic Violation with These Steps.


Same as before steps here you have to also click to this button for going to that site where you locate this information.

Here You have to Select the 3rd Tab which is also Name by Mention on Site. Simply click here and Put the Details which is Site Asking to form You.

First Tab is Put ID of Company 2nd Box or Step is about to Filling Company Name and Address The last Step which is Image code.

Here You have to Put the Image Code with the Right way Which is Showing into Image. And the Last Step Click to Submit and View the Result.

Here you will get the answer to you are lines which you are Tracing online. Mostly the Violations are updated by Time. But Some Times It takes Some Hours for Updating.

Moi Traffic Violation Foreign Vehicles

Moi Traffic Violation Foreign Vehicles belong to Other Country Vehicles. Means Some of us Imports the Vehicles form the Other Country which is also with other Country Number Plates. This is Mostly Happen that time When Someone Want to any Special Edition or Sports Cars.

So, If you have any vehicle which is Imported from the other Country then you can also Check MOI Traffic Violation Foreign Vehicles with These Steps.

Now See the Screen Window it would be Seems Like this.

moi traffic violation Foreign Vehicles Method is Little Bit Change form before Methods. Here you have to Write all the Details in Fully Explain.

Because all the Vehicles which are Imported from another Country. They Firstly have to Approved Documents form the MOI Site. And Also Pay the Some Custom Charges. Then MOI site Will Approve this Vehicle.

Now See the Image here Firstly Select the Country Where From you imported the Car. Then Write the Number of your Car. Next two Boxes here you have to Write Number Again into English And Arabic Langauge which is simple.

Now Doing the same as before here Write the Code of Image. and Click to Submit button. When Ever you click Submit Button you will Get you are Result.

These All The Method Which used for Check MOI Traffic Violation in Qatar. All the Methods are Easy and Short Way. Which saves the Time.

Moi Qatar Traffic Violation Report Query

Moi Qatar Traffic Violation Report query is also the important information which is Providing by MOI Site. Now you can Directly Check the report of Accident which Happen with you or you are any Friend.

It’s Normally that if we have any Vehicle and still we have no Accident Record then we are Lucky Person on Earth. In Qatar Due to Heavy Traffic and Fast Traffic Many Accident happen on Every Day.

So, To Check these Details about the Accident Please Follow these Simple Steps Which is Mention Below here with Ever Way.

Before Starting the Method Please Visit this link. which is Mention in Button when you will Click this Button you will face this type of Pop up Windows.

First Colum which is about Type means Which type of Report You are Looking Here. Are You Looking Accident Report.? or Are You looking Vehicle Repair Permit.? Etc Here you Have to Select the Type Which from you are Here to Check the Details about MOI Traffic Violation Report.

Simple Select and Then go to Next Step Which Case No or Accident Number. And Here you Have to Also Write the Iqama Number or Driving Card ID Both are Working able. So Write one thing Iqama Number or Driving Card ID.

Then Write you are Name which is also on you are Driving Card or Iqama. So Write here Accurate Name. And then Write here Plate Number ofYou are Car or bike or any other vehicle which is you have.

2nd last Step selects the Type of you are Vehicle which is you know better here Select the type and enter the Image code and Click to Submit.

So Done You will Get you are Report in Document Shape. Save it. or Print Out it If you need it.

Moi Traffic Violation KSA Rules

Driving someone other Place where you have no information about that Country Traffic Rules. Then it’s Dangerous for You. Because Most of the Highly State Fully Focus on it. And Making New Projects on it to Make the Strick rules about Traffic. Because Now a Days Ever highly Market State has Heavy Traffic. which may cause of Accident Every Day. Know about Saudi Work visa 2020

And only the one way to Reduce these Types of Problem is Strick Rules. So here We Will Discuss Some of the Important Rules about MOI Traffic Violation Qatar or moi traffic violation KSA. You can get work permit from Saudi Government. Moi Traffic rules full details is here

  • First and important rule Which is same in All Counties is the Driver must be 18+ ( Means Kids Can Not Drive )
  • 2n Which also Same in ever Place or Every Person has known it that it’s Important that you Have Active Driving License. Means Expired Driving License or Any other person Driving License you can not be used.
  • Vehicle Registration Must be Clear form the Traffic Department. Other Wise you can not Drive un Register Vehicle in Qatar.
  • Common Rule which is also Save for Health that Seat belt.
  • At The time of Driving you can not Allows the Kids or Children at the Front Seat.
  • During the Driving, you can not use the Cell Phone or FaceBook Video Calling anything which is on phone. In Short, During the Driving Cell Phone is MOI Traffic Violation.
  • Most Rare Accidents happens Due to Drunk. And its also a violation. So you Can not Drive with Drunk.
  • All the Proper Documents always Available in Car. Any time Any Traffic Department Person Can Check This.
  • You can Not Drive Fast in Highly Population Areas.
  • Another common Mistake whichever Drive Do. That is the Mis Use or Horns. Do not use the Horns at School or Hospital Areas.
  • sleeping in the car is not Allow in Qatar. So do not Sleep in Car.
  • Driving Back on the Raod. Means you Can not Drive back on main Raod. If you Want to Come back then Please Use the U-turn on the Roads.
  • Follows the Sign or Marks on the Roads. Means if You see the Speed Low Logo on the Raod then Reduce the Speed.

MOI Traffic Violation Qatar List Fines

After Moi Traffic Violation status check and Report details checking the next topic which is also important for getting Know is MOI Traffic Violation Qatar Fines.

So here in this Heading we Will Explain You the All Queries where you may get the Fines.

  • Driving a un Register or Non-Register Car or Any type of Vehicle Fine will Be 3000 Qatar Currency. Which is Highly Fine Amount for Any Common Employee Person.
  • Driving the Car without -Renewal Driving License. You will Get the Fine of 1500 which is Second Highly paid Fine in Qatar.
  • With Out Number Plates vehicle or Car Driving on Roads in Qatar. You will get a fine of 3000 which is Mostly Un Payable for Common Salary Person.
  • Changing the Car Shape or Making You are Vehicle Different. Means Customize Vehicle Will Get the Fine of 1500. You can Only Change the Cars Parts and Color or other Customize Thing with the Following MOI site Requirments.
  • If you not Informing the Traffic Department about Number Plates Damage then you Will Get 500.
  • Putting Promotions on Vehicle in Qatar you will Get 1000 Fine.
  • Making Photos or shapes which is Not Allowed. In this Cause, you will Get 1500 Qatar Currency Fine.
  • Highly Horns Setting or Highly Horns Atoms also Make you the Traffic Violation. And its Fine will be 1000
  • Sound System or Outdoor Sound System Both are not allowed. If you are using this in Car you will Get 500 Fine.
  • Driving Behind the Sensitive vehicle Means Under any hospital or Police Car yo will get Fine. This Fine Amount Customize only the Traffic Officer can Decide.
  • Un Fit Vehicle Driving on Roads. Which is Highly Dis Allow by Qatar Traffic Department. It’s Fine in 3000.
  • If You are vehicle is Kids or Teen Driving you Will get 3000 Fine on this.
  • Night Mode Setting also Required by the Qatar Traffic Department. Menas You have Fit Lights in Night. other Wise You will get 1500 Fine.
  • Fog Lights and Fog Lazer are also important. If you have not then you have to pay 1500.


MOI Traffic Violation Registration Fees includes all the Fees which cost for new vehicle Registration. Here you will get all the information about the new Vehicle Registration and Details.

With this, we Also Discuss the Method which is used for Registration in Qatar for MOI Traffic Violation. Let’s Start the Article which is the Main thing on This page.

  • When Ever You will Get New Registration of Vehicle or whenever you will Obtain any Registration of Vehicle. You have to Pay the 100 Qatar Currency.
  • For Getting License Private Vehicle in Qatar, You Have to pay the First 100 QR. which is an Affordable amount.
  • Little Bit Different in This Case, means When Ever you Applied for Private vehicle like Bus You have to Paid 150 QR.
  • Most Important which is 60% People Applied on Ever Day. Means Taxi vehicle License Fees 200 QR.
  • Public Transport Goods Atoms License Fees also be 200 QR.
  • And Bikes License Driving Fees in Qatar is 100 QR.

These are the fees that are Normally Cost by the Qatar Traffic Department. Now the Second Step is the Renewal means if you are Time is Expired. Or When you are All the Fees are Expired then what will you have to do.

Here the Some Details about the Renewal Fees and Review about These Details.

A Renewal of Light Vehicles in Qatar. The Traffic Department will Charge the 500 QR for 10 Years in Qatar. This info will Only Apply to Qatari Citizen Person. And non-Qatari Citizen has to Pay Just 250 For Five Years in Qatar.

Heavy Light Vehicles Renewal Fees is to be 600 QR for only Qatari Person. And Non-Qatari Person has to pay the 300 QR. Qatari Person Renewal Time in Ten Years and Non-Qatari Person is 5 Years.

Motor Bike or Moto Vehicle Renewal Fees for Ten years is 300 Same only for Qatari Person. And Out of Qatar person who is Living on Iqama. he has to Pay the 150 for Five years.

MOI Traffic Violation Check By Plate Number

Now here You can Also Check MOI Traffic Violation By Plate Number. Means By the Car number Now you can view this. Simply Read these Guide Lines Which Provide You the Method to Check this Service in Qatar.

Checking MOi Traffic Violation Service is be a Way Where you can check You are Car and other Vehicle Report. You can also say it’s a fine Status Checking Service.

In Qatar, You can Check these Types of Services Directly from the Site. Which is also Provided by the Government.

And All the Sites are Fully Trusted for the User. You can Also Track down other Details Seems like Accident Report and other Status.

If you want to check MOI Traffic Violation Check by the Plate Number then please Read the First Article of this Page Where You Can See All the Guide Lines and Image Providing Details about it.
Here You have to Just follow and Get the Result About it.

In case if You are Not Showing any Details about it. Then please visit the Office or Email us which is Provided in the End of the Article.

You can also contact us via Phone or Fax. Both Are details also Written on the Page at the Footer Head Selection Simple note down that Details and Contact us.

With this, You can Also Review the other Details which are about to Re Issuable of License or other Documentation.

Motor Bike BUS Car and Public Transport All the Report and Its Status is Also Here.

Traffic Violation Details

Traffic violation Details are basically a System Created information about you are Vehicles. All the Running or Currently Vehicles or Cars bus and other Transport Which you have in Qatar. All the Transport Details and Report you can Collect here. With MOI Traffic Violation Details. Other Wise if You have Noting any other Way then You can Only Check Traffic Violation Details with This.

Qatar Traffic Department has the Different rules and Information about these Query About it, Which Are Used for Difference Purpose. And All the Vehicles are Divided into Levels. Means Level 1 to Level 10. Each Vehicle has own Level. You can Guess level 10 Vehicle has a Highly Reputation in the Traffic Department.

If You want to Check Traffic Violation Details then Please Read the Upper Lines for these Method Understanding. And After Reading All the Content if You can Not Understand about it. Then Use the other Way which is also Written at the footer Body.

Qatar Traffic Violation Details also you can Get into Hard copy or print view copy. For the Getting More Update, you can Also get All these Updates and Reports through You are Email or Mobile Number.

These Both Are Shortly ways to Check this Service. And fully Time Saving Methods which is used in Qatar.

Moi Traffic

 MOI Traffic or Moi Traffic Control Department Referred by the State of Qatar Ministry of Interior. These Department Whole works are about to Stop the MOL Traffic Violations in Qatar.
MOI Traffic and It’s Related all the Other Issues basically Control form here. So if you are here to check the moi traffic Details then please read all articles. you will Easy get here whole information about it.

And one more thing you will also learn about new things which is un Common or Rare.
Moi Traffic Status is the one-way source that provides you the Whole New details about you are Vehicle Report.
in Cause of any Accident Happen on the Road.

You can also check this type of detail with this MOL Traffic Control Department Push the All Details with online Contacted Systems Which is Easy to Understand and Learn.
if You have any Query about it. Then Please Contact us we will help you with it.

One more thing here Many of the Other Details and Method with MOI traffic Controls information which will Provide you the Whole New Methods to Check MOL Traffic Details.
Please Check the First Lines to Understand Better this Way.

How to check Qatar license points.?

In Qatar Its the best Way to Check the License points is to be online Check Service or Etc. Qatar License Points is Best Way to Tech Ever Driver to be a new thing. Here Many of the Drivers who can not understand These Points Story. Or How Value Able these Points.

Here Today We Will Discuss All the Points Story Which Applied in Qatar. And why it’s Important and How You Collect These Types of Points and Etc.

Some of Un Ethical Drivers who Always Through Tissue Paper or other These Types of Atoms Form the Car. Make the bad  Points in Qatar Traffic Department. By the Police Requirement in Qatar, it’s Important That You have An Extra bag for  These Types of Things. in case if Yo Do Not Do this then by the Qatar Traffic law you will Loss You are 200 Points… Which is Bad for Any Newly Driver in Qatar. How To get Moi Driving License? click here

Here Some Common Things Which Loss the Ponts in Qatar. 

  • Use the Cell Phone or video Calling Playing game etc
  • Use the Mobile Phone or Calling any type of means Videos Calling or Voice Calling Etc. May Causes of the 500 QR Charges. And with Zero Points.
  • The Driver Busy While Driving. Means when We Drive Mostly we Were busy in our Vehicle Recorder or anything Els. This Will make us the Fine of 500 with zero Points
  • Driving in the Against of the Road also makes the Fine which is about to also 6000. And with this, You will Also Loss the 6 Point.

Moi traffic violation app check

Moi Traffic Violation App called moi Absher Check can also provide you the Whole Details about the Content which is you are searching for. Simple if You Want to Search about the Vehicle Report in Qatar then moi login and check

Firstly you have to Some Information about it. How we Can use these Types of Services and Details about Our Self.

Here We Will Explain You Some of the Important and Valuable Methods which Will Helps you to Find the Correct and Helpful Answer of you are Question.

So let’s Start the Topic about MOi Traffic Violation App Check. Firstly you have to Any Android Mobile with Updated Google Browser or Any other Best Browser.
Then Please open the Google or UC which you Known Better to use.
Search for MOI Traffic Violation and Click the First Site. when you Click to That Site you will Directly Open the Main Bord of the Status system.

Means Here you have to Write the Details and Click to View the Details for Check the Status.

MOI Traffic Violation Query

For the User of Qatar vehicle here you Can Check MOI Traffic Violation Query. Which is Easy to Use. With these Types of MOI Traffic Violation Query, You can Check Dual things about Traffic Vehicle. Firstly which is The Status and Process of the Vehicle and With This you can also Check You are vehicle Fines. You have to Pay in Any Case. And another thing which You can Check MOI Traffic Violation Query is to be Check the Vehicle Permits and Repairing.

For the Re-Issue of License andits all the  Details and Status, You can Track Here. Lets here Some Deeply Discuss it. Basically the MOI Traffic Violation Query

MOI Traffic Violation Qatar English.

Due to the barrier of language, many of the Qatar users are can not fully understand the Traffic Violations rules in Qatar. Moi Traffic Violation Qatar Engish Means Here you can only read all the Details n Engish Without any language problem.

MOI Traffic violation Qatar English Topic totally based on all types of information which is you need to know about.

So let’s start the Topic which is all play around it. MOl is the Department that handles all online Activities which is about to the Traffic rules.

And it’s also the Department who Makes or Provide you the Status Report Also. Mol of Capital Security Department The First Systematic Police Force who Lunched in Qatar in 1949 Sep. This Whole Department Special Created for the Doha City.

To make the city Better and Free of the Fear Traffic and Other Dangerous Activities.
Here the Security Tasks are Divided into Many Steps. For example, the First Department Handles the Receive the Complaints and Make a Statement. This Department Also manages these types of Activities.

Violation Number

Qatar Violation Number and About these all the other ways where you can check the Violation Number of any Car.

Qatar Traffic and Related all the Services are Special Controlling by the MOi site, Where you Can Locate aby type of Data about the Vehicle and Traffic Query.

Violation Number Basically is the System Generated online Tracking ID number which Shows the vehicle Status.

And By this Number, You can check the System Data about the Vehicle.  All the Qatar Area Vehicles which is Verified form the Qatar Traffic Departments. All these Vehicles Violation Number are the Basically Already Register in the MOL Traffic Control System.

MOI traffic Violation Number Can also Put the Charges and the Cost amount of the Violation on you are Vehicle.

MOI Qatar ID Inquiries

Moi Qatar ID Inquiries are the All Status Checking About you are Profile. Where By you can Check you are the Whole Status in Qatar. It’s the Option Which is Used for Also Iqama Details MOI Qatar ID Inquiries Also You can Check Here By Following Process or Steps Review.

All the MOI Qatar ID Inquiries and Details are Storage in MOI Site. MOI Site is the Main Site Where you Can Check or Explore all the Details.

MOI Qatar ID Inquiries will Also Provide the Details about the Iqama Permit and Other Its Details.

Here You can see the You are Exist and other Permit Details By MOI Site. You Can See it the Moi Site is the Main Site Where Qatar Iqama Details and Other Details which is Used for Personal Details also Here.

Here If You are Looking for E-Services Checking With ID Inquiries then You can Check All the Related ID Inquiries with This.

Means ID Status ID Payments and ID Process And Etc. Here All the Simple Steps are Giving Which Can you Used for it.

Qatar Traffic Camera

Qatar Traffic Camera Are Installed on Ever , main Road of Qatar. Because it’s the Source where the MOI Site Collect the Data and Provide the MOI Department. With this, It is Hard to Cheat these Cameras Because it’s the Fully Trusted way to Check the Progress of anything.

Here the Mistake Chances are Zero. Qatar Traffic Camera  Based on Fully HD Graphic View Recorded. And Its Data Sharing and Data Saving Capacity are Outstanding. All the Qatar Traffic Camera Data Saving Storage is 6 to 1-year Data Saving.

Traffic Rules and Traffic information install in it. When Ever you Crosse the Limits you will Get Back in lines, Because of the Cameras Control the Limits and other Details.

This a way that Pushes the Charges and Put the Marks on the Traffic ID Card. Qatar Traffic Basically Whole Based on the Online System.

How to Check  Vehicle Ownership in Qatar

If you are here to For How to Check Vehicle ownership in Qatar. Then You can Also check Here Vehicle Ownership in Qatar this is the Simply Way which Used for it.

Simply you have to Go the Main MOL Site Where the All Data Exploring Details are here, Simply Select the Query Which you want to check and here Put the Details About the Giving Requirements.

By this, You can check Ownership and other Details about any vehicle. With this, you are also Access the Transfer Status of any Vehicle.

Some times when You Sale any Vehicle in Qatar with the Owner’s Ship of the Different Person. Then you have to Change the Owner Ship Details by the MOi Site. Which is Also providing the method. Here Simply Upload the Form of Vehicle and Push it with the Details. By this, You can Change the transfer Status of the Vehicle.

If the Vehicle has the Some Paying Status means to You have any Traffic Violation Record on You are Vehicle it’s Important Firstly you have to Clear it and Pay all the Fines which is Done by the MOI Site. Then You can Change the Status of the Vehicle owner Ship.

MOI Qatar Official Documents.

Moi Qatar Official Documents are the Main or Real Documents about the Car or Vehicles with the Details of the Status,

You can Also check or Test these Documents with Live or by MOi Site. All these documents are very important for any Vehicle because You are Vehicle all Details are Mention Here and Also Written by the MOi Site.

All the Documents are Also Verified by the Official Traffic Department and Official MOI Site. And these the Documents which are used for any Vehicle Transfer Status.

Signs Of Traffic Violation System

To make the Best Traffic Awareness here We Will Also Discuss the Moi Traffic Violation Signs in Qatar. Which you See Every Day on Roads. Due to Language problems maybe you can Not Understand these Signs so we Decided to Explain All the Common and Important Signs in English.


Its the Sign Which Used for Stop you. Means you Can not Enter This Area where this Sign Shows.


Its Means that This Way is Danger for Drive Please Take Care of you Self. And use The Safe Way. And this is Also Used for When the Roads are under Process.


This is Important Mark. Its Means on the Road Police is Checking. Or May be Any Accident Happen on Road so Please Stop.


This is Common Sign you can Also Understand it by its Name. Its Means Please Ensure Your Seatbelts.

Give Way

This Sign Used for Drive one way. Means Ensure you are Self if Any one want to Way. Mostly This Type of Sign Used on One Way Road.

Cross Road

Coss road means that two roads are Linked Together on the Next Turn. So Keep Open you are Eyes.

Step Police

Rare Sign Mark. and Most Danger Sign Bord on the Road. Its means Stop Next to Police here For the Checking.


Its Means Please Drive Care Fully May be Next U Turn you found Any school or Living Areas Or Play Grounds.

Traffic form The Right

When Ever you See this Bord its means Please now Drive to Right.

Traffic form Left

This Bord means Now Move to Left.

These Are The Other Some Common Signs which are used Every Day on Every Road. No Parking Sign bord you can also Guess whats about it. Simply its Means here you can not Park You are Car.

Traffic Signals Bords means next on Turn You will get Traffic Controls signals so Slow Down you are Car.

Speed Limit Bord is One Bord Which you Found on Ever Road. This Bord Sign means Please Control you are Speed Up to Limit, Which is Showing in the Bord.

This Sign Mark Means you Have to Control the Distance in You are a car and You are Next Car about to 70m. Means you ave to maintain the Space.

Head Quarter Contact Number

Here the Details about the Main Department of MOI Traffic Violation Who deals and Controls all the Issues About it. So if you Have Any Query about It, Then Please Contact us we Will Fully Support You and Slove you ar Problem.

MOI Traffic Violation Head Quarter Office

Phone Number ( 23-4444-4)
Fax Number ( 448-7262-4)
Email Address (Traffic @ MOI .GOV. QA)

Matar Qadeem Traffic Control Office

Phone Number 44-637-888
Fax Number 44-569-353

Rayyan Traffic MOI Office

Phone Number MOI 44-80-7722
MOI Fax Number 44-816-603