Best Sports Tv Android Apps

Sports are being played to entertain people around the world. Cricket is the most watched game among the top sports. In 1611, cricket was played for the first time. With the passage of time, it has changed a lot even changed into a professional way. It has earned a huge audience of 2.8 Billion Fans across the world. According to the survey, it is the Second most loved game after football. Keep in mind that cricket is gaining more audience toward itself rapidly.

This year Asia cup is happening in Dubai which is managed by Asia Cricket Council (Established in 1983). Some cricket fans enjoy the match in the Cricket stadium after buying the ticket. But the majority of the audience wants to watch all the cricket matches on their android mobile phone. We’re in the digital era, So watching cricket matches on android is easy but it is tricky a bit. To watch all the sports make sure you’re following our guide.


Here are the apps which allow you to watch cricket matches on android mobile.

Daraz TV APP

Daraz is the biggest product-selling app across most countries. You may got confused that how you a match can be enjoyed on the selling app. Yeah, it is confusing a bit, Let me tell you. For the past two years ago Daraz has bought cricket match rights to broadcast it itself. It also has bought rights for the Asia cup. It can be availed on your android mobile from the google play store.


Now all the cricket fans are gonna enjoy this biggest season anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are, Daraz allows all the users to enjoy cricket events on their android and Iphone.

Steps to watch a Cricket match on Daraz?

The below instructions are the complete guide to enjoy cricket on Mobile.

  • Open ”Google Playstore” on your Android Mobile.
  • Search for ”Daraz App”
  • Install The App from there.
  • Just open it and click on the Asia Cup banner to enter the live.

Please Note: Dream will stream during cricket. So play it when the match is started.

Install From PlayStore

Sports Tak

Unable to complete your sports needs? just go for Sports Tak. Because it keeps you up to date with every sports update and news. It also covers the analysis of all the sports including cricket and football too. Sports Tak also keeps you updated on the live scores of every single cricket match. This platform has different analysis shows which are hosted by each sports expert. This app provides content in the form of text and short videos as well. Sometimes they cover press conferences as well.


If you are a sports guy or a lover of. Then you may definitely avail of this official app as they are perfect for your sports needs. All the cricket biggest events are also covered here.

Install From Play Store

Final Words

The apps I covered above are official apps and some of them have taken official rights from event organizers. I just reviewed the app’s specifications and provided instructions which include how to use it, its features, and its benefits as well. They may can change their service as well after the passing of time.


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