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How To Apply For Civil id Online Kuwait

civil id Status is a special and compulsory document of Kuwait that is handled and managed by MOI( Ministry Of Interior) Kuwait. Without a civil id you can not live in Kuwait this document is not only compulsory for Foreigners but this is also compulsory for the citizen of Pakistan. And here we will discuss how to apply for a civil id and also we will discuss in detail the requirement document for a Civil id.


Civil Id Status Procedure To Apply

Civil Id Status Procedure To Apply
Civil Id Status Procedure To Apply

The procedure to apply for civil id is simple and you can be done this job easily means you can apply for civil id easily by following some simple steps. Here we will provide you some simple steps and also we will inform you how 18-year-old people and less than 18-year children can apply for their civil id. First of all, come and see the procedure to apply for civil id. And to apply for civil id follow these steps:

Procedure to Apply For Civil id

Step#1: Visit PACi Head Quarter at citizen Office in Zahara Ground Floor

Step#2: Here you need to submit all required data

Step#3: Fill Service Application Form that is available on Site

Step#4: And also pay the admission fee of this civil id

Require Data For Civil Id

And after this come and see in detail the required data in detail. And the procedure to apply for civil id is given above and here let’s see the required data.


  1. A valid passport and Copy of this Passport.
  2. And also needs Photocopy of passport pages to indicate personal details and residence stamp with clearly. This is compulsory for all people who are interested to get registration in civil id to submit complete detail.
  3. Need Security clearance or fingerprinting for those who are over 16 years ago.
  4. Original birth certificate this is for the citizen of Kuwait
  5. What is your Blood group provide a blood group certificate and this will be mention in your civil id.
  6. Give complete detail about your address where you are living like rent agreement or receipts
  7. Declaration signed by sponsors

Renewal Rules for Less than 18 or Old Then 18 years

There are different ways to apply for a renewal civil id. Those people who are less than 18 years old can not renew their civil id personally and those who are older than 18 years can apply personally. Here we will provide you simple and some easy steps through these steps you can apply easily for civil id. Let’s see in detail about the procedure to apply for this.

Civil Id Renewal For Less Than 18 Years

If your age is less than 18 or equal to 18 years then you can renew your civil id status with two easy steps or methods. First of all, you can renew your id card using an online web portal which is officially launched by the Kuwait government. For the complete procedure to renew a civil id card visit how to renew civil id and there you need to follow all steps and procedures.


And the second option is that if your age is greater than 18 years you can renew your civil id status through your parents. The applicant’s parents visit the PACI head office and follow all procedures which are given by the official person.

Civil Id Renewal For Older Than 18 Years

And now come and see those people who are older than 18 years. They can renew their card personally. And if they want to renew their civil id through online, by phone call, or through the android app they can renew easily. And also if they are busy they can renew their card through their parents. And also remember that if applicants have no scanned photo they must submit their photo.

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