How to get moi traffic license

How to get MOI Driving License

Here you will get the updates  about the Driving License and info with these all the topics. And you will also get the process about the Method where you can get form the whole steps by steps Details.

It is a lawful prerequisite to hold a substantial permit to drive in Qatar. The Traffic Department is the approved expert for giving driving licenses. The following are the different choices relying upon your length of remain.On appearance – multi week rule

Guests can drive for multi week (7 days from appearance) on affirmed licenses from certain nations. Visit the Traffic Department at Madinat Khalifa (see map beneath) to check the legitimacy of your nation of origin permit.

Transitory Driving License

In the event that you wish to drive for longer than seven days you can apply for a Temporary License which is substantial for 3 months. It is conceivable to broaden the permit when it lapses.

Step by step instructions to apply for a transitory permit

Fill in the application shape and submit it alongside the accompanying reports to the Traffic Department (see map):Unique permit from an endorsed nation


Three shading photographs – visa size, white foundation. On the off chance that you have to wear glasses while driving you should be wearing glasses in the photographs.

Global Driving License

A substantial universal driving permit can be utilized for as long as a half year from the date you enter the nation.

When all is said in done, transitory and global permit holders are limited to driving rental vehicles as insurance agencies require drivers of exclusive vehicles to hold a full permit.

Full Driving License

In the event that you are an inhabitant (hold a Qatar Residence Permit) you may apply for a Qatar Driving License. The permit charge for Qataris is QR500 (legitimate for a long time) and QR250 for non-Qataris (substantial for a long time). Extra charges apply for driving and vision tests.

For additional data read Applying for a Qatar Driving License.

Permit recharging

Recharging your Driving License is straightforward and simple and can be handled through Hukoomi. You will be approached to reveal any progressions to your wellbeing that may influence your capacity to drive since your last permit application. In the event that, for example, you have been recommended glasses, you ought to apply through the Traffic Department and retake the eye test.

Driving without a permit

Driving without a legitimate permit is a criminal offense with cruel punishments for rebelliousness. In the event that you are associated with a mishap, your protection will be void and you may confront detainment and extradition. Ensure you plan ahead of time and are holding a fitting, substantial permit consistently.

Finding the Traffic Department

The Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior handles all issues concerning permitting and petty criminal offenses. The Traffic Department is situated on Khalifa Street, Madinat Khalifa and is open from 7am to 11am and 4pm to 7pm.

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