civil id status check in kuwait

Inquiring About Civil id Status in Kuwait

How you can inquiring about civil id status? Very easy and simple procedure with step by step guide is here. All people can check civil id status easily using Kuwait Portal. This id is issued and managed in Kuwait. And here we will discuss in detail all procedure to check civil id inquiry. So all procedure step by step we will discuss here you must need to follow all steps carefully.

What Is Civil Id Status?

Civil id Status Means to know about the validity of Your civil id. Basically this is also called as Civil id inquiry, Civil id Validity and Much more name. Here are the steps to check Civil id Validity

  1. PACI Kuwait Portal
  2. Voice Inquiry
  3. Mobile ID Inquiry

inquiring about civil id status

inquiring about civil id status

If you want to inquiring about civil id status through online then you can do this easily. To inquire about civil id status you must need to follow some steps and procedure.

Follow these steps for inquiring about civil id status in Kuwait

  1. Use PACI Kuwait Portal To inquire about Civil Id Status. For this purpose you need to visit PACI Kuwait portal for Inquiring. For complete process of PACI Kuwait given below
  2. Inquire about Civil id status through Voice query method. For this Purpose “1889988” number is used for voice query. You can dial it on Zain and other Kuwait networks. Complete process of Voice query given below

And this is very serious problem for those people who have no concept how to use mobile. Or if they wants to check status but they have no problem way to check this. Lets come and see procedure or steps to check query

Civil ID Status Check

civil id status check

If you want to check status of your civil id Query through online system then you must need to read steps and instruction of this paragraph carefully. To check online through web

  1. You first of all need to click on This website.
  2. Then new page will be open and you need to enter your civil id in box and then click on Query Button. And you can get more help from the image that is given below. In that image you can see where you need to enter civil id number and how to click on query.

  3. When you will click on Query then two type of messages will be appear.

First this will show in response that your civil id is legal and you can use anywhere this. For more detail about this see in image that is given below

civil id status check in kuwait

Second This will show this type of message on your screen see in image that is given below.

civil id status

If this type this type of result of your civil id and your card is legal. Then this may be due to some reasons like

One this is possible that your id expired and you have not renew

Second this is also may be your id has be cancelled

Third this is also may be your card renewal procedure yet not complete

Civil Id Inquiry Through Voice Query

And now come and see how you can renew your civil id on your mobile by using Voice call. For this purpose you also need to follow some instructions. Like these

  • First of all dial a code on your mobile “1889988”
  • Then Chose language
  • Follow steps

So using these steps you can also check your civil id status on mobile easily. So the both methods which we have discussed in this article you will understand easily and you can check your civil id query. And I think all those people who are not more fimilar with internet can use this second method because this method is very easy. And also there is not a extra skill and costly mobile.

You can check on mobile easily. And if you have internet facility then you can done this job on your mobile and computer.

For More Information About Civil Id Visit this site


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