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Kuwait Civil Id Name Change – Procedure

You can change your civil id name if there will be a mistake and here we will give you a simple procedure to update your civil id name. Here we will provide you step by step simple procedure to change or update your name. No doubt civil id is one of the best id cards in the world. And also this is very important and also you can handle this id through the online system. You can check its status, renew this id card, and also check the expiry date through an online system.


Kuwait Civil Id Name Change – Complete Procedure

Kuwait civil id Name change

There is a common problem for every people how to change the name on civil id also people search this. And here we are going to solve this issue. You can understand this method easily for this purpose you need to read this article carefully. The process to change civil id name is not difficult you can do this job on your computer or laptop online.


Because the PACI gives a facility to change your name on your civil id. Here you need your civil id card serial number which is given on your civil id backside. And also your mobile number should be active because a verification code will be sent on that number. So to understand how to change the name on civil id Follow these Steps.

Procedure to Change Name

Let’s come and see the complete procedure to change the name on civil id this is very simple and easy so let’s follow these some simple steps to update your civil id name:


Step#1: First of all click on Update Name

Step#2: Then a new page will be open and here the page is maybe in Arabic you can change it into English option is given above that page.

Step#3:Here you need to click on the Non-Kuwait Renewal Option See detail from the image that is given below. You can follow this image for better understanding.

Step#4: After this, a new form page will open, and here you need to enter your civil id and civil id serial number that is given in the back of your civil id. So here you need to enter civil id serial number and civil id then click on continue.

Note: After This, you can update your details only if you submitted a civil id for renewal. And if not you will get a message saying that ” you can not update your Latin name because there is no issuance request for the civil id


Step#5: Next option is to enter your mobile number and then click on send verification code. When you will click here the verification code will come on your mobile number. And a new form will be open and here you need to enter the verification code and click on the verify code.

Step#6: Then a new page will open and here you need to enter all required data so see all page detail carefully.

Step#7: And after this, you need to upload all require data and detail is given below and you can get help through this image. And then in below an option of the tick will be given click on that and click on continue.

Step#8: After this application reference number will be sent to your registered number on which your civil id is registered.

Step#9:  Then you need to wait for your application will be manually checked once it approved a link will be sent to you and you can pay a fee for this.


Step#10:  And finally after that you just need to go to South Surra to replace your old ID with the new civil id.

So following these processes you can update your civil id easily. And this procedure is helpful for you to update this through the online system and we are hopeful that this will be helpful for you.

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