Moi Traffic fine

Moi Traffic Fine Details Check Method

Moi traffic fine is a very serious issue in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. These countries have advanced technology to check all vehicles everything like daily base violation and route. If anyone breaks the rule of traffic in this country then the fine comes on their iqama.

Everyday many peoples break the rule of traffic in Ksa and Another country. Saudi Arabia and Qatar launched special system and online application to check these types of fine. These types of fines are very heavy. Heavy fines are imposed on the vehicle if you break any rule in any place about the traffic.

Many cameras placed in different places like roads, Houses, Shops and all other places where vehicles run. So this technology is best and easy for all because if anyone breaks rules the fine will come on their house. Sometimes the owner doesn’t understand where he breaks the rule.

You forget but the camera and Government can’t forget the violation of traffic. So be careful in this type of country and don’t break any traffic rules.

How To Check Traffic Violation Fine?

The Moi traffic fine checking methods are different and many. The easy and latest method will be discussed here. There are two methods to check this. The Absher application and Moi site. Both method work but the fastest and easy way to check it is Absher.

First Method: The first method is to check with Moi official Government website where you can check the fine details and everything about fine. First of all register or create a Moi account on this site. After that login with your created account details and click on the traffic violation option. Now enter your vehicle number and iqama number and check the fine. If this option will come then you have no vehicle traffic violation.

moi traffic fine


2nd Method:

The second and most easy method is the Absher application. Register or login to Absher and open the Dashboard. In the Dashboard, the traffic violation option comes, click on this option and check fine by entering vehicle number and iqama number. The fine details come in front of you. These are the two methods to check it.


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