moi traffic violation Saudi KSA

Moi Traffic Violation Saudi KSA

The moi traffic violation in KSA or You can Also Say it moi traffic violation Saudi Arabia which is all About the Traffic Rules and Traffic information Here the Some Details about it, and also about moi kuwait

Means How can we Check These Types of Violation in KSA ( Saudi Arabia ) or Who can we Check the Fines on the Vehicle Currently in Saudi Arabia. All these types of Information you will Get here By Reading This Post,

With This, You can Also Read or Check the Qatar moi traffic violation Rules and Status with this Whole Report on it.

Recently the Ratio of the Traffic Violations is Increasing Becuase of Heavy Traffic and short Roads. Every Person has to Fast in the World Now One wants To be Wait For anything, And its Common that when we are Going to Somewhere We make it Fast Because we Want to Save our time. Due to this Many Rules, we were Break which makes us the Traffic Violations and Gets us the Fines on it. here We Will Discuss Some Important Queries and Method which can Provide us the Help to Check the moi traffic violation List

Each Fine Amount of the moi traffic violation is Different which depends on the Traffic Violation in Saudi which is Divided into Different Categorized you will find Here All the Rules and its Breaking Fines.
In the moi traffic violation list if we Talk about Fine then the Heavy or Higher Amount Fine is 25000 to 50000 SAR which Depends on the Breaking traffic Rules.
You can Check These Fines With Different Methods For The Example Some Basic and Core Methods are Here you can See them and Try Them for Check moi traffic violation. login moi here

  • moi traffic violation Check Status with Absher.
  • moi traffic violation Check Status without Absher Apps which is Also Common.
  • moi traffic violation Check With massage Short Way to Get Know About it.

Moi Traffic Violation Without Absher Account

how to check moi traffic violation without absher. Here in KSA, all know about the Absher Application means Which type of This Application and Why this is So important in KSA. So it’s not to Important to Discuss this that Absher Application Using Method or Installing or Registering If you Still not have any information about it, Then Please Read this Post where You Will Find All the Process Methods and Details about The Absher Application which is Core Service in KSA for Exploring all the information about any Service Which is Currently you are Getting in KSA ( Absher Guide Lines )

Go to the Main Site or Main Home where you can Check the Traffic Violation MOI on Absher Webportal.

You will Find This Page or Site Form Google Searhing Absher Login or Absher. Note This Method Deos not Need Absher Account for Access These Information.

MOi Traffic Absher

When You will Open the Site You Will Face the Home Screen Seems Like this which is Mostly Ever Time Common for Any Person who is using This App for Checking Services.  Here you Have to Select the Vehicle Services.

moi traffic violation

Here You have to Focus the 2 Boxs Which is Blue and Green. Never be Confuse these Two Boxs Simply Select the Green Box which is Counted into Indivuals. So Click here For Check traffic violation moi KSA.

moi traffic violation ksa

After Doing Complete This Step now if you are Facing the Langaug Barrier Please Change it into English. Because of Saudi Defult Language arabic you will also Firstly Face the Arabic Lanagaue. So, to Change it into English Clcik the Right Mosue Button and Select the Translator.

moi traffic violation absher

After Chaning the Langauge you Will Face this Type of Home Screen where Many Other Options are Available But here you have to Select the Qurey Traffic Violation For Visitor. means in this Tap you Will Find All the Services about the Traffic Department where Can you also Check the other Status which is Important for You. Simply Chose this Button or Press This Button for Going to Next Step.

moi traffic violation ksa absher

After the Completing Pervious Step then You will Go through this Page. Which is Result Page Here The Arrows are mention means First Arrow which is Explaing the Document Type Simply Select the Type its can be any type See the Next Image for more Understanding this Button.

MOI Traffic absher Check

Now Chose the Boundary Number or Passport Number Any that Option which you have access able for Check the moi traffic violation KSA.

And then Fill the Image Code Which is always Different when Ever You will Open this Page. After Putting the Code into Box Click to Show the Result. By This Way you Can Check The moi traffic violation Saudi Arabia With out Absher Application.

Absher Check traffic violation moi

Absher Method or way is Similar to other Common Methods which is Type of Service Providing App. All the Needed or Important Services which is Counted for Daily Check-in Saudi Arabia you can Access through This Application. here The End of this Application Means You can Also Track Down Other main Important Services By this Which is Most Important for Any person Means check iqama Status. You can Also Read About it That How to Check iqama Status With Application.

Let’s Start Our Main Topic Which is The Traffic Violation Moi Checking Service with Absher Application in KSA. In the Previous Heading, you Can Also Check this Method without this application if you are Not Register if you are Register Person then You can Check this Service By this Way.

Seems like Before Here You have to Also Open the Site which is belongs to Absher Site, or Offical Site of Abher You can Search this Site

Query Traffic Violations KSA Form Google by Searching Abhser. Simply Open this Site and Move to Forward to next Step.

Here you Can See the Arrow Pointed Mark, means You have to click the Qury Traffic violation which is all about it. Means to Say its our main Tab Where Can we Check the Services about it.

After Click This you Will Face Same Screen which you Faces Before when we Check this Service With Out Absher. here Watch This Absher Application Home Screen which is Next to Be,

moi traffic violation

Choice the Indivual 2nd Box. when You will Done this process then You will Access the Next Step Which is Seems Like this you can See this Image which is Guide Line About it.

moi traffic violation fine

its The Main Login Area Where You have to write the Profile information about your Absher Applicaiton, Fill the All Giving Information which The Page Need and Click to Log in Tab. For Access the Main Deshboard where You can Check The Service. In Case of Any Trouble Facing you can also Contect the Technial Support team.


traffic query

By the Pointed in image Guide Lines here you have to Select the Given Option or Tab which is also Showing By his name Means Traffic Violations information Tab. Please Choice this Tab for Getting The More Details about it.

How to check Traffic Fine Check KSA

Now you Can Clearly See the Details about moi traffic violation. and Here the Details or also The Status of MOL Traffic. First Tab which is also Showing by His Name That Not Paid Violation means All that Fines which are Pending in list and You have to Still Pay these All fines. And Next Tab are All that Fines which you have Done to Pay.

With This You can Check the moi traffic violation Service Here an Other Method which is also Track Down This Infomraiton By massage So, Lets Start that Method.

Moi Traffic Violation Check By SMS.

It’s the Best Way or time Save Method that You can also Check This Service With Massage. And You have to Not Need any Account or Other Details which is Required in Previous Methods. Here the Simpy you have to Write the SMS and Send to the Sever.

Meanns Simple way Open the Cell Phone Inbox Area and here Type for New Massage as Usally Normaly.

  • For Those Who Are Currently Using the STC Network Service they Can Track Down This Information By Type * 5 6 * Iqama Full Number and Send it to the 88 993 For Getting the MOL Traffic Violation Details.

  • Mobily User Network User Can Know this information By Typing * 5  6 * Iqama ID Number and Send to the 6 2 5 5 5 5.

It’s the way that You can Use for the Explore the Traffic Violation Details By SMS Service.


Moi Traffic Violation Time and Location Check

When Ever you get any Traffic Violation in KSA. You can Also Track or Get know about it Means You can Check the moi Traffic Violation Time and Location with Using Absher Application.

So to get Know about it here the Some Following Steps which make you Better Understand that How to Check MOI Traffic Violation Time and Location in Suadi Arabia.

Absher Application Options Are Giving the information about all these Topics so its the best app in Saudi because With this you have no worry about any Documents Process and other Process which is Common Requirement.

If we Are Talking about Absher this Service then Its also Important that what can we also Check Extra with These Details.

  • You Can Check the Violation Number By this Feature which is Mostly No one Know about.
  • This, you can also Track Down the Place where you Have Done the Violation in KSA.
  • Date of Violation which is Most Important you can also Check this with This Feature.
  • Car plate number or any other Vehicle Plate Number you can also Get know with This.
  • Time of the Violation which is Mostly no one Focus on it. You can Check This Easily with Absher Apps.
  • The Fines of Violation which is Still Un Paid in List you can Check.
  • Paid Transaction or Paid Fine Violation you can also Check with This Method.
  • Most Ever Interesting Option You can also Check This By Google Map that where You have Done the Recent Violation in KSA.

To Check All these Details Which is Counted in Numbers. Simply You have to Open the Absher Account form you are Cell Phone or Web Portal. You can any Thing Access which is easy for available in your use.

Here you Have to Select the Traffic Violation Information for Getting all Details Showing Up on you are Home Screen.

moi traffic violation date and time

Here the Details which is You are Searching now, means You are Violation Number of Vehicle with The Status of Paid or Unpaid. you can Also See the Date of the Violation At the End when You Click on the Traffic Violation Place then A Map Will Open Seems like This which is the Place where you have Done the Violation.

How to Check Traffic Fine Check KSA Location

Moi Traffic Violation Fine Payment.

When Ever You will Get any Fine on Traffic Violation you will Receive the Massage Alert also which is Done by the MOL Site or You are Banking Service,

Both are Providing this Service to Get know about it. means Whenever you will Receive any Fine you are Banking Service inform you about it. Then You can Easily Pay this Fine by the Banking App or using Absher App.

Moi KSA traffic Violation List.

The State of Saudi Arabia Recently Allows the New Rules about Traffic Violations and Traffic Guidelines. Make the Traffic Save.

Here the List of Traffic Violations Fines which is Apply on Different Causes or Different Ways.

Motor Bikers or Motor Vehicles Person who is Not Using the Indicators will be done fine 150 to 300 SAR. This Fine will Apply that Time When Your Not Use the Indicators when You are Changing the Road or Getting Any UTurn.

If You are Not Focusing on Driving means You are Using Cell Phone or Talking with Someone Else. May be You are Seeing around Areas While Driving then You will also get the Fine of 300 To 500 SAR. Which is a Higher Amount of Fine? So Always Keep this in mind.

Without a vehicle, Number Plate Driving is also the Traffic Violation and its fine is 1000 to 2000 Which is the Most Higher Paying Amount. And Mostly this Fine Paid on Newly Driver in Saudi Arabia.

Traffic Violation always did that time when you ignore the Traffic signals So when Ever you will Ignore or Skip these MOI Traffic Signals you Will Get the 3000 To 6000 SAR Fine. Save this Amount by Focusing on Traffic Signals.

In Case if You have done any Accident and Person who Seriously Inquired by this and Admitted in Hospital for 15 Days then You will Get the Fine of 100000 SAR with All Medical Charges.

in case if you are Driving Fast Somewhere School or Market area where is Speed Limit low. Then you will Also Get the FIne about to 300 SAR.

Horns of the Vehicles also Make cases of Fines on You which is 200 SAR. Means Use Horns only for Purpose.


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