PACI Civil ID Home Delivery in Kuwait

PACI Launched their new Civil Card home Delivery service for citizens and residents to solve the problems of peoples collecting their civil id cards. Now they can easily get their card at home by using PACI Home delivery services. The Fee for this delivery is 2KD., but 0.25kd charge extra if you add each additional card.

How To Apply For PACI Civil ID Home Delivery in Kuwait?

Step#1: Visit PACI Home Delivery Service By clicking Here

Step#2: Select “English” From Home Page

Step#3: Now Accept Terms and Conditions and Click On the “START” Button to start the process.

Step#4: On the new page Click on “The Old Card is Available” if you have an old civil id card.


Step#5: If the old Card is not available (in case of newborn or first-time issuance), then Choose “The Old card is not available Option”

Step#6: Now Enter Your “Civil ID Number” in the Box

Step#7: Enter Your card’s Serial Number. The Serial number will be available on the backside of your civil id card.

Step#8: After entering the Serial number Press the “Add” button.

The details of your card will be added. You can also see the total fee for this Request. You can add more additional cards by clicking on the More Card option. After that repeat all the above processes to add a new card. The 0.25kd extra will be charged if you add any new card to the same address.


Step#9: Add an extra card and after that press “NEXT”.

Step#10: On the New page Enter the Name, then Delivery time for your card, and then your contact number.

Step#11: You can select Morning or Evening Delivery Time, it all depends on your choice.

Step#12: Select Your Language( English or Arabic).

Step#13: Click on the Card Address Option, if you want to get your card on your card address. If you want to get your card to a different address then Enter the complete address with details manually.


Step#14: Now Click on the “NEXT” option. It will lead you to the new Confirm Delivery Info page. Confirm it’s now.

Step#15: Click on the “NEXT” button after checking your contact details, if you found correct then click on the Next option.

Step#16: Press the “Continue” button. The new page opens

Step#17: Now Enter your bank details and Click on “Submit”. Your application will be submitted and the details of your receipt show you. Print your details or Take a Screenshot on your mobile.


Now the civil card home delivery request Successful. The representatives of the delivery company contact you if any issue they face in-home delivery. The IDs will be delivered to your home address within two business days from the day that the delivery company receives it.

Civil Id Delivery Status

In case of a delay in your civil card delivery, you can check your civil id delivery status or application tracking. If you can’t get your civil id then must check the status of your application. Follow the below steps to Check your civil id delivery status or civil id tracking application

Step#1: Visit the PACI Website Delivery option. Click here to visit the delivery page.

Step#2: Click on “Option”. This is available in the right top option of the PACI Delivery page

Step#3: Now Click on the “Delivery Request Status” option to track your application

Step#4: “Enter Civil id number” in the empty box and press “SEARCH”

Step#5: On the new page, the current status of your application appears.

The authority delivered your civil id card in a secure, safe, and private manner to ensure the security of your card. They delivered your card to your own choice address in a secure envelope and the logo of authority available on the card.


Must hand over your old card to the delivery man, if not available then provide your required documents to receive your civil id card. You can also check civil id status online




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